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Car Jump Starter
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Car Jump Starter
Brief* Jump starter for cars, vans, trucks with 4.5L or 3.5T or below
* Emergeny lighting and SOS;
* Mobile, tablet charging
* Laptop charging
* Car Start with about 20 times after fully charge
* Emergency blade, emergency hammer
SeriesCar Jump Starter & Power Banks

Car Jump Starter JS003

Model no: JS003

* Rechargeable Li-Polymer Batteries 8000mAh, 10000mAh, 12000mAh
* Input15V1A
* Output5V1A,12V,16v,19v
* 5pcs led indicators
* Start current: 200A
* Peak current: 400A
* Product size: 173*84*36mm
* Colors: Yellow, Green, Red

Car Jump Starter is one of the most favorite portable power bank for car drivers and business people. The most important feature is it can start the car instantly when a car is in power loss or cannot start for any other reasons. It also have other functions like emergency lighting, SOS, warning light, charging mobiles, tablet or laptop, digital camera etc. It also can give power for any automotive equipment such as air pump, car refrigerator, it is one of the most useful power bank for drivers.


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Car Jump Starter & Power Banks
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