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Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge

Time2017/6/1 PostedMindtech Optoelectronic Limited
Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden and from Fudan University in China have successfully designed a new structural organization using the promising solar cell material perovskite. The study shows that solar cells increase in efficiency thanks to the material's ability to self-organise by standing on edge. UFO Music Light Up Spinning Top

The current research study deals with perovskite, a new and promising material in the context of solar cells. However, in its regular form, the material is very sensitive to moisture. It simply dissolves in contact with water, and even normal humidity deteriorates the material within hours or minutes. Now the researchers appear to have overcome that problem. Super light up spinning top toys led spinning top

"We have succeeded in producing thin sheets with a water-repelling surface, making the whole construction much more stable. In addition, we have succeeded in orienting the sheets so as to obtain acceptable solar cells, with an efficiency of ten per cent", says Tonu Pullerits, professor of chemical physics at Lund University. toys for children flashing spinning top

Tonu Pullerits sees great development potential for solar cells based on perovskite, thanks to the outcome of the current study. The researchers not only built thin sheets out of the material to achieve water-repelling surfaces but also discovered, to their surprise, that these perovskite sheets self-organised in a way that clearly increased efficiency. 2017 New Design Toy For Children Spinning Top Hot Spinning Tops

Since the sheets are so thin, many need to be layered on top of each other in order for the absorption of sunlight to be sufficient. A problem arises at this point in that the water-repelling surfaces do not allow electrons to circulate freely within the material. It becomes difficult for the electrons to jump from one sheet to another, which reduces efficiency in the solar cells. Made in China fidget toy hand spinner spinning top

The researchers first tested two different water-repelling surfaces. They expected one version to give better results, enabling the electrons to jump more easily from one sheet to another. Instead, the outcome was the opposite - the second version gave much better results. This surprised the researchers, who then started new experiments in order to understand why. Classic Toys gyro Spinning Top

"Here, our laser experiments were crucial. We could show that the sheets with the second surface material self-organised in such a way as to stand on edge instead of lying flat against one another", says Tonu Pullerits. Finger Spinning Top, Fidget Gyro

Thanks to the self-organising structure of the sheets, the electrons were able to move freely between the contacts, considerably increasing the efficiency of converting the solar energy to electricity. Tonu Pullerits sees the result as an important step on the way to constructing stable and efficient solar cells out of perovskite. Finger Gyro Fidget Spinner Spinning Top

"Stability is a key issue for solar cells", he says. Promotional toys cheap plastic mini color spinning tops

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