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Walmart Secures 40 MWh of Solar Energy Storage for Southern California Stores

Time2017/4/19 PostedMindtech Optoelectronic Limited

Walmart Secures 40 MWh of Solar Energy Storage for Southern California Stores

April 17, 2017
energy storage

Walmart is continuing its foray into energy storage ownership with new installations for its stores in Southern California. Pay as you go solar

Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) last week said it will install 40 MWh of energy storage at 27 Walmart stores in the region. The systems will allow the retailer to reduce peak electricity demand and provide dispatchable grid support to Southern California Edison. paygo solar home system

"Cost efficiency is the hallmark of the Walmart brand," Mark Vanderhelm, vice president, energy for Walmart, said in an April 11 statement. "Adding energy storage capabilities to our clean energy resources reduces the capacity needed from the grid and is part of our commitment to increase reliance on renewable energy." prepaid solar home system

Walmart plans to power 50 percent of its operations with renewable energy sources by 2025 and has already installed onsite generation, including solar PV, at 350 of its stores. A San Diego Walmart store last November began testing a refrigeration battery system that uses the store`s existing refrigeration to store cooling at night by freezing tanks of salt water. Walmart selected Axiom Exergy to install the energy storage system. prepaid solar lease

"When it comes to sustainable and efficient energy management, Walmart sets the global standard," Susan Kennedy, CEO of AMS, said. "Walmart continues to demonstrate its visionary leadership by delivering high quality and low costs for its customers." prepaid solar charging system


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