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(solar generators) SunPower Reinvents Large-Scale Solar Plants With Drones, Robots and Tomatoes

Time£º2016/9/28 Posted£ºMindtech Optoelectronic Limited

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SunPower Reinvents Large-Scale Solar Plants With Drones, Robots and Tomatoes

It`s a new era for the solar industry. Today, technology innovation extends well beyond the solar panel to the entire system, which companies like SunPower believe is key to helping solar become a leading energy source.-high battery lantern solar home system

Last week, SunPower launched its third-generation Oasis platform for large-scale solar projects at the company`s new research and development facility in Davis, California. The latest iteration features advanced design tools, drones, robots and new agriculture practices that aim to improve project performance from site development through to operations and maintenance.-lantern style solar

[Right now, as we`re seeing [power-purchase agreement] rates fall, we really need to look at every detail in the system and find a way to optimize everything," said Matt Campbell, vice president of power plant products for SunPower.-best solar lantern led type

More than 700 megawatts' worth of new Oasis platform projects have already been awarded, with construction starting in North America and China within the coming weeks. In 2017, all new SunPower solar plants will be built using the third-generation Oasis platform.-solar handing lantern

[SunPower Oasis allows customers to generate more value from a broader selection of potential power-plant sites, at an accelerated pace," said Tom Werner, SunPower president and CEO. [An Oasis solar power plant may be designed 90 percent faster than the time required to design conventional solar power plants. While flat, rectangular-shaped sites are required for other trackers on the market, Oasis can take advantage of unused, irregularly shaped areas and slopes up to 10 degrees to generate up to 60 percent more energy than conventional technology installed at the same site."-solar led lantern light pole light

Each additional 10 acres of usable land on a given project site represents 2 to 4 more megawatts of power, Werner said. Therefore, the ability to maximize the use of a site can significantly impact a project`s bottom line, and help the large-scale solar sector grow as premium space becomes constrained.-solar energy camping lantern

Global energy optimization

The next-generation Oasis platform includes SunPower`s new global energy optimization (GEO) system that automates project design using drones and proprietary software, developed with support from the Department of Energy`s SunShot Initiative.-solar portable lantern

The drone is flown over a potential project site, collects images, and feeds those images into a cloud-based software system that comes up with dozens of site-design options. The platform allows developers to screen a large number of sites quickly, and allows owners to ensure their projects have been optimized to meet their financial and energy targets.-multi-function unique solar charger led lantern

[The drone is really just an imaging tool," said Campbell. [The key is the software that was developed by SunPower, which takes the images, crosses them in our cloud servers, creates a three-dimensional map, and then the software comes in and proposes hundreds of layouts to optimize for capacity or financial return."
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While the software is the secret sauce, the drones play a pivotal role. Drones not only help with project design, but they can also be used to track site production. Instead of sending expensive project managers out to a site, the drone uses a remote monitoring management tool to track progress and an infrared imaging system to detect any issues. All of that data is fed into the GEO system to ensure project deployment is smooth and speedy.-solar tent lantern

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